Frequently asked questions

What kind of fabrics are LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS designs printed on?

LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS designs are printed on the highest quality 100% organic cotton poplin and cotton interlock knit. All designs are printed on a 44" width and package DNR (Doubled and Rolled)

Where are LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabrics printed?

LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS designs are all printed at our overseas printing mills.

How do I wash LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabrics?

We recommend you pre-wash LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabric for the best results. Machine wash in warm water. Tumble dry on a low setting, and remove promptly. Do not use chlorine bleach. Use a cool iron if necessary.

How do I submit designs to LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS?

If you wish to submit your designs to LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS, please send them via email. Due to a high volume of submissions, please allow up to 30 days for an email response.

Please send your designs with a subject line “DESIGN SUBMISSION” via email to: LittleHouseCottons@gmail.com

Can I purchase fabric directly from LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS?

LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS is a manufacturer and we only sell wholesale to quilting and fabric shops, online shops and manufacturers worldwide.
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How can I become a LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS retailer?

If you would like to apply to purchase LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabrics wholesale, please Register by filling out our retailer APPLICATION online under WHOLESALE APPLICATION.

How can I gain access to the wholesale section of the LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS website?

You must be a current LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS retailer, manufacturer or distributor. Register by filling out our retailer APPLICATION online under WHOLESALE APPLICATION.

Can I use LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabric in children’s wear?

LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabric is not flame proof. You must add a flame retardant finish before using the fabric in children’s sleepwear.

Can I use LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabric in a project that I want to sell?

Yes, you are free to use LITTLE HOUSE COTTONS fabric in projects you make for yourself, your home, as gifts, or finished product you would like to sell.

What scale are the images of fabric on the website?

We have images of our fabric on our website with a measureing 6″ x 6″. We also have images zoomed out to show a full repeat. If you’re still having trouble figuring out the size of a particular print, please contact our Customer Service team at LittleHouseCottons@gmail.com.