We believe in art as a utilitarian form.

We believe in inspiring instead of defining.

We believe in well-made and practical.

We believe in comfort and beauty.

We believe in natural materials.

We believe in caring for each other and our earth.

We believe in local economies.

All of our fabric is 100% GOTS-Certified ORGANIC COTTON.

Our Co-founder and Primary Designer Kristen Balouch is an award-winning children's book author and illustrator and textile designer.

"...Gifted with an intensely curious mind Kristen seems to always be busy, busy, busy, creating new works not out of ego, but a desire or perhaps more accurately a compulsion, to share stories. In all its varied forms Kristen’s work tells gentle and whimsical yet profound stories that empower children and adults. Her own story is told more through her creations than through words and her manifestations of creativity bring joy to the world...."—Bill Harvey (Podcaster about Williamsburg Brooklyn Creators)

Little House Cottons was formed as a way to bring story to fabric and providing crafters, quilters and children who sew a way to stitch those stories into their own story. We are honored to be a part of your creations and you telling your story.  The designs are primarily conceived by Kristen, but we have plans to bring on other artists' perspectives into our collections.